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        Structural characteristics and application of scrap steel crusher

        The structure of scrap steel crusher is stable and compact, easy to operate and maintain, the conveyor is loaded, the work efficiency is improved, the operation is automated, and the magnetic discharge device is arranged at the discharge port to completely separate iron and other impurities, so that the best use of the material is broken. The material is clean and bright, which can directly meet the requirements of feeding into the furnace. The hammer head and the lining plate are made of cast high manganese steel, which prolongs the life of the machine and reduces the cost of transportation, manpower and other aspects. The structure is firm and compact, and the maintenance is convenient. The paint effect is over 95%, the output is high, the profit margin is large, the feeding of the conveyor is automated, and the magnetic discharge device is provided at the discharge port to realize the separation of iron and other impurities. The crushed material can be large or small. The land area is small, and the crushed material can directly meet the requirements of the concentrate into the furnace, and is suitable for steel plant affiliated enterprises, professional scrap processing and distribution enterprises, and various waste recycling enterprises.

        1. The structure of the crusher mainframe: The fuselage adopts the extra-thick steel plate and the diagonal reinforcement structure to ensure the overload requirement when the machine is broken strongly, and the direct force part adopts the “taro” structure, which further improves the reliability of the machine. The lining plate and the hammer head adopt special wear-resistant materials to improve the service life; and the hammer head adopts the movable mounting structure. Once the unbreakable material is mistakenly entered into the crusher, it can be bypassed and opened, and the crusher can be opened. The non-breakable safety door is removed from the machine to reduce the damage to the machine.

        2. Hydraulic double-roller feeding device: for the feeding pre-processing machine of the crusher, the thin-shell and light-metal components with larger outer dimensions can be smoothly formed into the scrap material of the crusher feed inlet after being compressed and formed, thereby expanding The range of processed materials of the crusher. At the same time, it plays a vital role in improving the production efficiency of the crusher.

        3. The heavy-duty chain plate feeding and conveying equipment used with the crusher can absorb 1~2 tons of impact without deformation.

        4. PLC control system and hydraulic power system, intelligent production saves time and effort, and equipment operation is clear at a glance.

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