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        Waste crusher maintenance matters

        1. If the rivet head of the impeller is in serious condition, the impeller body and the hub can be welded by electric welding to restore the damaged rivet head to its original normal state.

        2. The scrap crusher can easily produce fatigue cracks in the rivet holes. It can be welded and repaired by using the unused welding rods. The remaining welding rods are as long as the remaining welding rods when the rivets are repaired. The weight of the weld repair is equal. If there is no crack at the symmetrical rivet hole, the electrode should be welded here to offset the newly added welding weight at the symmetry rivet hole crack. According to this method of symmetrical compensation, the crack can be repaired by welding.

        3. The scrap crusher performs a simple dynamic balance test on the impeller, and the method is also very simple. Use the object to support the impeller, push it by hand, and try to rotate it gently. If it does not reach the balance, it will stop at the low point and swing left and right. If there is a bias, you can spot weld on the opposite impeller, increase the weight to balance, or use the angle grinder to remove the weld marks of the heavy impeller, and balance can be achieved, so that the fan can be repaired and normal work.

        4. The new scrap crusher solves the shortcomings of the old scrap crusher blade. It uses a specially designed spindle and cutter head. The cutter disc is very durable and does not need to be replaced. It only needs to be filled on the cutter head.

        5. In order to be able to separate the iron particles and aluminum particles in the metal material, the conveying device of the new type of scrap crusher is combined with the magnetic separation, which is a discharge conveying device, and the metal material after the crushing can be used to separate the metal. Aluminium iron.

        6. can effectively control the thickness of the discharge, as long as the gap accurately control the distance between the cutter and the liner, the scrap metal crushed by the scrap crusher can be less than one millimeter, the degree of uniformity can be Up to 90%. Scrap crushers can break iron, metal, tricycles, car shells, briquettes, color steel tiles, used appliances, iron filings, safes, iron railings, etc.

        7. Specially design the crushing chamber of the scrap crusher and place the lining. When telling the rotary cutter, the metal material is ground on the lining to ensure that there is no impurity or paint.

        8. The fan and the dust collector are separated, and the broken metal material is separated in the dust collector and the fan to discharge impurities and paint.

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